Membership of the Association will be open to all practising and qualified individuals working within Forensic Toxicology and associated job roles.

Membership will operate on three levels: Professional Member, Associate Member and Affiliate Member.

Professional Membership

is open to those individuals with a Life Sciences Degree and at least 4 years experience in a role pertaining to Forensic Toxicology.

Associate Membership

is open to those individuals with a Life Sciences Degree and less than 4 years experience in Forensic Toxicology.

Affiliate Membership

is open to individuals such as post-graduates and pathologists who although not directly working in forensic toxicology, have an active interest


All applicants MUST be sponsored by two Professional Members of UKIAFT.

The annual subscription is due on confirmation of acceptance of membership and on each succeeding January 1st. Any member joining after 1st November will not be charged for membership until January of the following year.


Professional Member: £20
Associate Member: £10
Affiliate Member: £10

Application and reference forms are available below as pdf files.

Please forward completed electronic forms via email to the UKIAFT Secretary ( For details of where to post paper forms to, please contact the same email address.

For those wondering how to complete a pdf form electronically, there are a number of software packages available on the web, both free and purchased, that enable pdf editing.