Survey on psychoactive plants

John Corkery from the University of Hertfordshire is conducting a survey which aims to find out what specific plants are being encountered by toxicologists and other analysts, so as to provide information on what is being used by the general public,‘psychonauts’ and other drug users.

This survey is part of a wider piece of research looking at the use ofpsychoactive plants and their potential physiological and psychiatric harms.

We know something about the toxic effects of some plants and/or theirnatural products that are commonly used for a range of reasons including:religious, self-medication, psychonaut and self-exploration.

However, little is known of about what is being used, by whom, where and when and what effects are being experienced by users. Serious adverse effectscould lead to hospitalisation or even death.

Therefore, toxicologists may be asked to investigate cases where plantsand/or their natural products may have been administered.

This survey aims toidentify what toxicologists are encountering, how frequently, and whether therehave been any changes over time.

Thissurvey forms part of the wider research activities of the Psychopharmacology,Drug Misuse and Novel Psychoactive Substances Research Unit of the Universityof Hertfordshire.

Ethics approval has been given by the Health Science Engineering& Technology Ethics Committee with Delegated Authority, University ofHertfordshire, Hatfield, U, under the title.

"PHAEC/1042; Recreational Drugs’ EuropeanNetwork: an ICT prevention service addressing the use of novel compounds invulnerable individuals", protocol number aLMS/SF/UH/02951(2), dated 4February 2019.

If you wish to take part, the survey can be accessed via the link below -


Please go to to access the survey.

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